Passat or Jetta?


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Wanting to upgrade a previous Volkswagen sedan, but thinking of switching models? Maybe you’re ready to join team VW all together, but not sure of which sedan will fit you the best. Both sedan models have a similar warranty and offer a safe, smooth, and reliable ride. However, which one will suit your needs best. Well, here’s a quick breakdown.

The Jetta is slightly smaller than the Passat making for a little less passenger space. The Passat backseats have more room for the legs as well as headroom compared to the Jetta which is nice if your friends are the slightly larger athletic type. With more room, there is more comfort, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find comfort in the Jetta. Size is relative to your preference and passengers, so if you have larger passengers with you all the time, consider the Passat.

However, the smaller size of the Jetta makes it easier in the parking lot. If you like to have no issue parallel parking or finding a decent sized space you wouldn’t be able to swing into in a full-size sedan, then the Jetta is your best bet for optimal parking. This is a definite plus for its compact size.

On a performance level, the Passat has a larger engine with more horsepower than the Jetta. Keep in mind however, with more horsepower, your insurance may go up depending on your provider. But if you like a little extra power behind the wheel, the Passat is what you’re looking for.

The cost for fuel is about the same when comparing the Passat and Jetta with the Passat receiving an average of 23 MPG city and 34 highway with and the Jetta at 25MPG city and 35MPG highway. When it comes to price, both vehicles are affordable, but if you’re into saving a few bucks, the Jetta’s MSRP is less than the Passat’s by a few thousand dollars depending on which trim level you’re looking to get.

Both models are fit to serve your transportation needs in a safe and stylish manner. The power is yours to choose, but consider which one will fit your current needs and think of your future needs as well before making a final purchase. You never know where life will bring you down the road, so plan ahead and make it a Volkswagen.

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