Prepare for Summer Adventures With A Volkswagen Service Appointment

Spring is quickly moving on to summer here in Fairfield, California and the days of even hotter weather is rapidly approaching. Now you can stay ahead of the major temperature changes by scheduling your seasonal service appointment at the Volkswagen of Fairfield Service Center! Our Volkswagen service consultants can advise you on the manufacturer recommended maintenance services needed to keep your car or SUV running in top form this summer and beyond. At the very least, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these four potential problem areas before heading out on your first road trip journey of the season:

  1. Pack an emergency kit in the trunk of your Volkswagen. Prepare for the unexpected by always keeping a flashlight, first-aid kit, bottled water, sunscreen, jumper cables, and even an external battery charger for your mobile devices in your car’s trunk.
  2. Replace your dirty air filter and fuel filter for optimal performance. Dirty or overused filters can affect your Volkswagen car’s air conditioning efficiency as well as your engine. Replace both at regular intervals for improved performance.
  3. Monitor the pressure in your tires. Heat can cause increased tire pressure, and you’ll need to check for proper inflation before you embark on your first road trip this season.
  4. Replace your Volkswagen car’s windshield wipers. Many drivers often do not consider replacing windshield wipers until they are extremely worn down, however keeping fresh wipers on your vehicle can ensure improved visibility year-round. Not only will new windshield wipers help you see clearly on rainy days, but you can also benefit from a quick window cleaning during sunny weather conditions.

We recognize that there are many other actions you can take to make your Volkswagen road trip-ready this summer. What summer maintenance tips do you consider your essential services? Let the Volkswagen service experts at Volkswagen of Fairfield handle your manufacturer-recommended services. Contact our auto service team today to arrange your next appointment!

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